C.S. Arcada Galati

Prenumele / Numele : Despotovski Filip
La club din anul : 2015
Data nasterii :02.07.1986
Locul nasterii : Skopje, Macedonia
Nationalitatea :  Macedonian
Inaltimea :195
Pozitia : Setter
Nr. Tricou : 11
Cluburi la care a activat : Rabotnicki Skopje, Remat Zalau, Tomis Constanta, Dinamo Bucharest, Tyumen Russia, Arcada Galati.
Succese obtinute pana acum :
- 4 times Winner of CUP and Championchip in Macedonian SuperLeaugue
- 3 times third place in Romanian Championchip
- 1 second place in Romanian Championchip
- 2 times winner of Romanian CUP
-  7 years member of national team of Macedonia , one silver and one bronze medal in European Leaugue


  1. Am observat ca sunteti un voleibalist ambitios. Cat de mult va marcheaza ambitia si sub ce forma ?
    I am ambitios person , also like a volleyball player ,also outside from the sport hall…
    I alweys look at my team as a family , so my ambitions are to help them , keep them safe and calm and lead them to joy, Also in the court , also outside from the court. Try to push everybody to practice harder ,everyday, so tougether we can reach the maximum.

  2. Ce valori ati învățat în copilărie și ce valori pe care le puteți vedea din perspectiva actuală sunt semnificative pentru interacțiunea socială a sportivilor?
    First I think its psyhical condition. Power to understand the colegs in every way in every day.
    Rest is just honestly and respect.
  3. În lumea sportului exista multe experiente cu suişuri și coborâșuri. Care a fost cea mai interesanta experienta din viata dvs de sportiv?
    There is a lot of faliures and rises in sport. Even during the season is going ou from sport form and coming back so…
    Its a lot cool things in sport. I had a lot of victories and vin medals that makeed me happy
    I meet a lot of good peopple and I make a lot of friends , I can not mark only one.
  4. Si care a fost cea mai amara experienta pe care ati trait-o ca sportiv ?
    out from every lost ,witch is hard to survive , but still is part of sport,
    For me the worst thing that can happend to one sportmen is an injury, watching youre team play and you can nothing to do to help them… doesnt happend to me yet, its just an oppinion 
  5. Ce proverb stă la baza motto-ului dvs. în viață și pe care doriți să îl prezentaţi ca pe un model pentru lumea sportiva din Romania?
    I can say is ‘atitude’ and the ‘will’ of getting better and better everyday…
    In sport, every point , every won game or every lost game can teach you something , and with the real Atitude and Will of geting better you will reach a Glory  …
    Probably is the same story in real life after sport.
  6. Ce va propuneti pentru Turneul Final al Cupei Romaniei 2016 de la Piatra Neamt ?
    This year we have one of the best team in Romanian Championchip. We, as a team we have only one tought. We go To Piatra Neamts to take the trophy in our hands and we are really serious about it.